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Review – ‘Someone Else’s Fairytale’ – EM Tippetts

I bought this because it was a free on my kindle, and I am thankful that it was free, as to have had to shelve out money for it would have felt like rubbing salt in a wound. This book was fortunately a quick read, but I could not take it seriously. The characters felt nonsensical, the writing clunky and the story long-winded.

someone-elses-fairytaleThis book’s main character is Chloe Winters, a student raised by a single mother with high aspirations. One night, after volunteering with her friends to be an extra on a movie set, she catches the eye of Jason Vanderholt, a world-famous movie star. The book is a romance, and so you can guess where the pair undoubtedly end up, but other background storylines include Chloe’s psycho half-brother and a short-lived romance with her friend.

Although the premise of the story is interesting and would have made for a great chick-lit book, one of the main things that ruined the experience for me was that Chloe Winters is an absolute drag. Yes, she is an appealing character in that she is the underdog, working while studying, humble and hardworking but so many of her habits frustrated me. I would have understood her insistence on her super famous boyfriend not buying her things if she hadn’t been so anal about it and if several pages had not been dedicated to arguments about him paying for her laundry. Also, her whole chattering on about being born ‘out of wedlock’ was ridiculous to me. Not only did the language itself belong several decades ago, but it seemed like such a closed-minded perspective for an otherwise modern character. I also felt like her family background could have been approached in a more sensitive way, rather than the clumsy way with which it was written, which I felt represented single-parent families in a negative way. Additionally, Jason’s character also made me squirm. From his all-day Skyping (Does a hard-working actor really have nothing else to do?) to when he spoon-feeds Chloe ice-cream, which made me squirm so much I had to take a break from reading.

19615422Another disastrous aspect of this book was the writing style. Almost all of the story was told through dialogue between the characters, and so the book was simply a flow of constant conversations between characters. Although dialogue is a fantastic way to show who a character is, it is also necessary for readers to see a character on their own. I cannot remember a single time when Chloe was on her own and when we saw the story told through her voice and her voice only. Instead, she was always on the phone to one character, which was then following by another character walking in and a conversation between them, which was subsequently followed by Chloe going to see another character and then another phonecall. Despite the whole book being told in the first person, I don’t feel like we see Chloe at all as her own person, instead only knowing her through her relationships with others. Further, the style of the dialogue itself made me squirm, with the writer making far too frequent use of sayings like “Omigosh” and “Soooo”. This writing style is too casual for my liking and would make sense if used in a text messaging context in the book perhaps, but not in normal writing of dialogue.

Although the story itself was not a bad one, I wish that less had been covered in the book and in more depth. Halfway through the book, Chloe and Jason had ‘got together’. Instead of the book simply focusing on the ‘Will they? Won’t they?” we then had to follow them through random events in their relationship until the end, but instead, the second half of the book felt aimless. I would have preferred for the book to focus on the lead-up to their relationship further in depth, exploring their relationship more, which would have made the book feel more like a well-written novel than an awkward fanfiction.

Overall, this book had potential and a promising storyline but the execution was what let it down. The writer would have done better to have focused on one central aspect of Chloe and Jason’s relationship, and the characters got on my nerves.


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